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This website is on public display, without reservations or restrictions. Beyond that, all who live or work in Ipswich are invited to submit comments and other material for posting, and to subscribe to occasional email distributions. (Others may as well if they have a special interest in the topic.)

The emails, about significant recent activities, would be perhaps once a month. After a while, there could be surveys on key questions. Email seems to be the best way to steer news toward people who are interested in it, and ensure the integrity of surveys.

Joining in live events and meetings is nearly always the most effective way to make a difference in community processes. But sometimes people may want just to browse and be aware, not necessarily to dive in.


The way to subscribe is to send an email, as shown below. Your name and email will not be shared or used for any other purposes than those those described, of receiving occasional updates and invitations to participate in surveys. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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Submitting comments

You are invited to submit comments, information, and opinions for posting here.

Materials submitted are subject to review and possible editing. They must include the author's name, which will be publicly posted. (Email addresses will not be posted, unless the author explicitly so requests.)

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Sample questions for future surveys

The examples that follow are very early ideas,
intended to invite further thought.

Do you believe that current Ipswich policy about housing construction –

  • Should be doing more to encourage building?
  • Permits overdevelopment?
  • Is about right?
  • Deserves a fresh look?

The Town's Community Devepment Plan (CDP) and Housing Production Plan (HPP) were prepared and approved during the two years before the new State requirements. Do you believe that the Town should –

  • Follow these plans as closely as possible, because they were carefully prepared and agreed?
  • Consider other approaches, since the new need was unknown when they were prepared?

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